Nature's Head komposteringstoalet/ Biologisk toalett / Hyttetoalett / båttoalett

Nature's Head komposteringstoalet/ Biologisk toalett / Hyttetoalett / båttoalett

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The Nature’s Head composting toilet is an innovative, compact design ideal for cottages, boats or RVs. It eliminates the costly, complex, space-consuming and inconvenient holding tank and septic systems. The Nature’s Head is affordable, easy to install and simple to operate. It holds 60-80 solid ‘uses’, which means two people could go 6 weeks without emptying it. It produces organic compost – not raw sewage

The key to the success of the Nature’s Head composting toilet is the urine separating design. The liquids and solids flow into separate chambers.

Composting toilets have been slow to catch on, because of problems with odor. This has largely resulted from too much liquid mixed with solids. With too much moisture you don’t get compost – you get a stinking mass of raw sewage! By separating the urine from the solids these toilets solve this problem – resulting in odor free, trouble free composting.

The Nature’s Head composting toilet is well made of heavy duty, roto-molded plastic and stainless hardware. It is not flimsy, like a port-potti. I can’t think of any way this toilet could break under normal use. The focus is on durability, simplicity and reliability.

Eksl mva: kr 9 200,00 Inkl mva kr 11 500,00
Pris fra: kr 9,200.00 / 11,500.00 Leveringstid 2-4 uker


Easy Installation!

The Nature’s Head is easy to install; the unit attaches to the floor with two small l brackets. There is one ventilation hose to run outside and one 12volt power hook-up for a small computer type fan. The unit could even be run completely powerless by running the vent hose to a solar vent.

Complete installation instructions are found here, and are included with your toilet. Wherever you choose to install your new NATURE’S HEAD® toilet, it is sure to provide you with years of worry-free sanitation solutions without the hassles, inconvenience, and odors of other sanitation systems.

No Pump-Outs, No Porta-Potties to Empty!

Unlike any other type of toilet, the longer you let a composting toilet sit, the better it will smell when it’s time to empty it. No more having to deal with pump-outs or smelly portable-potties at the end of your long weekend. The longer a composting toilet sits the more time it has to do its job.


Out toilet is very economical to operate; there are NO chemicals to buy. We purchased a bale of peat moss from “Lowe’s” more than two years ago for $10.00 and we’re still using it.

Easy Empty!

When it’s time to empty your toilet simply flip the two latches on the sides and lift the upper section up a few inches. Put the lid on the liquid bottle and lift it out of its holder. To empty the main tank un-hook the 12 volt power connector and the vent hose and then slide the upper section off its open ended hinge. Undo the 2 thumb screws on the base and it’s ready to empty. Because there are no liquids in the main tank, even full it is never heavy. The unit is sized so that a kitchen garbage bag will go over the end of the main tank. Simply flip it over and you’re done. There is no need to clean the tank when you empty it, any left-over matter will help start the composting process all over again.


  •     Proudly made in the USA. Fair wages are paid. Strict environmental regulations are adhered to. Children are not employed.
  •     Five Year Warranty.
  •     Completely self contained and portable.
  •     All stainless hardware.
  •     Full size elongated seat for comfort.
  •     Disassembles in seconds for emptying.
  •     Composting handle can be mounted on either side.
  •     Vent hose and fan may be mounted on either side.
  •     Unit comes with everything for your installation except the external vent.
  •     Molded in toilet seat for safety and ease of cleaning.
  •     Fully supported liquid tank for applications where it extends beyond mounting pedestal.
  •     Translucent 2.2 gallon liquid tank allows for easy visual capacity inspection.
  •     Rear of main tank is angled for hull-side installation on boats.
  •     It’s AFFORDABLE!

The electric receptacle for the 12 volt or AC adapter is conveniently located on the top right of the fan housing. There is minimal current draw. Power-free installation of the Nature’s Head composting toilet is possible with the optional solar vent.The vent hose is attached to the fan side. A wall adapter is available should you want to plug it in to a regular household type receptacle.

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