Heightec Roof Workers Kit sett for takarbeid

Heightec Roof Workers Kit sett for takarbeid

Eksl mva: kr 4 921,40 Inkl mva kr 6 151,75

The Heightec Roof Workers Kit - komplett sett for arbeid på tak eller skråflater.

Provides a versatile solution to working at height for the construction and roofing users.

Roof safety workers kit is a simple, lightweight and easy to use fall protection system which provides a versatile solution to working at height for construction or roof users.

The kit allows users to use work restraint to protect themselves, which is preferred in the hierarchy to fall arrest.

However, the key components are ALSO certified for fall arrest.

Eksl mva: kr 4 921,40 Inkl mva kr 6 151,75
Pris fra: kr 4,921.40 / 6,151.75 Leveringstid 2-3 uker


Roof workers kit can be extended with the addition of deadweight anchors, horizontal flexible anchorage lines, or permanent anchors.

The kit includes the MANTLE rope protector canvas, a durable rope protector with velcro closure.

Please make sure users are competent and that the possibility of rescue has been considered.

All work kits come complete with our versatile KARI transport bag (B30 – WLL 18kg), the first in heightec’s new KARI range of tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue, the KARI transport bag range brings all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection.  Different styles available for different functions – personal kits, rescue systems, rope, tool bags etc. 

NEXUS 2 point fall arrest harness 

  • The unique heightec webbing junction plate on the NEXUS harness enables optimum fit, providing maximum comfort.
  • Has front and rear attachment points.
  • Front attachment point is suitable for fall arrest, vertical systems and rescue.
  • Fully adjustable harness structure ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security.
  • Contrasting leg and torso colour webbing assists correct fitting of harness for the experienced users.

CORE Twin Lanyards

  • This lanyard has impressive technical specifications: the back-up webbing and stitching exceed the tensile strength requirements of European standard EN 355 by 50%.
  • The stainless connecting ring will allow it to withstand a substantial fall even in cases of extreme misuse, such as when the energy absorbing element is bypassed.
  • High strength, 28 kN scaffold hook connectors. Every lanyard is individually numbered. Packed complete with 10mm screwlink for secure attachment to harness. heightec do not recommend attaching lanyards to harnesses with standard oval or offset D karabiners.

PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard, 20m

  • The PIRANHA is compact, durable and lighter and more portable than traditional designs.
  • 20m rope fall prevention system for flat or sloping situations provides support to a user positioned below the anchorage point, or to provide restraint against a fall to a user connected to a properly positioned anchor away from the edge.
  • One handed operation even when wearing gloves. Easily adjustable to allow precise positioning for the work task.
  • The flexible line allows movement around the work area. The system can be as long as required and is light to carry and use.

DUON-Air technical safety helmet

  • Total compliance for complex environments with changing hazards
  • Full adaptability with configurable chinstrap and vents
  • Exceptional fit and stability with a unique adjustment system
  • Complete versatility; compatible with a full range of accessories


  • Versatile system for work restraint
  • Key components are also certified for fall arrest
  • Lightweight system gives ease movement whilst remaining secure


Sizing: 20m
Material: Various
Weight: 6.25 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals