Heightec WTG Wind Turbine Climbers Kit – international - Sett for arbeid i høyden vindturbiner/vindmøller

Heightec WTG Wind Turbine Climbers Kit – international - Sett for arbeid i høyden vindturbiner/vindmøller

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Komplett sett for vindturbind arbeid.

Off the shelf climbers kit for WTG technicians includes the Heightec new ELITE twin lanyard.

The WTG Wind Turbine Climbers kit (International) contains high specification equipment specifically designed for the demanding environment of offshore and onshore wind industry.

At the heart of the work kit is the Heightec CIRRUS safety harness with it’s rear attachment point raised to limit chafing on the back when climbing ladders with back against the wall. It is also well positioned for a confined area rescue from the front of the nacelle if needed.


heightec’s Wind Turbine Climbers Pro safety kit also includes our new ELITE Twin lanyards with alloy locking connectors with 60 mm opening and 16 kN cross gate strength. Specifically designed to minimise the consequences of a fall that side loads the connectors.

This work kit also includes the DUON-Air technical safety helmet. This allows for:

  • Total compliance for complex environments with ever changing hazards
  • Full adaptability with configurable chinstrap and vents
  • Exceptional fit and stability with a unique adjustment system
  • Complete versatility; compatible with a full range of accessories including Visor

The PIRANHA work positioning lanyard for work positioning is also included.

The WTG Climbers Kit (International) contains everything needed to climb and work in the offshore and onshore wind industry (except for the vertical fall arrest traveller which is specific to each WTG).

All work kits come complete with our versatile KARI transport bag (B30 – WLL 18kg), the first in heightec’s new KARI range of tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue, the KARI transport bag range brings all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection. Different styles available for different functions – personal kits, rescue systems, rope, tool bags etc. 

Also available is the Heightec standard WTG Climbers Safety Kit


  • Cirrus WTG Full Body Harness
  • Work Positioning Belt (removable)
  • DUON Climbers Helmet (EN12492)
  • ELITE Twin Lanyards (60mm opening, 16kN cross gate strength)
  • Piranha Rope Adjuster
  • Sling, Nylon, Protected, 60cm
  • Head Torch
  • Durable Kit bag (B30 - WLL 18kg)


Material: Various
Loading: 7kg WLL kit bag.
Weight: 6.5 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals