Honor Safety  Rescue Slide - Konfigurterbart sikkerhetssett med fallblokkvinsj for tankinspeksjon og redning

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Honor Safety Rescue Slide - Konfigurterbart sikkerhetssett med fallblokkvinsj for tankinspeksjon og redning

Eksl mva: kr 24 083,20 Inkl mva kr 30 104,00

The HONOR Rescue Slide is specially developed to safely enter confined spaces and in case of emergencies to save the victim from here again. 

Each entrant enters and exits through this 'rescue slide' vessel conveniently, also gas-suits!

During lifting in emergencies and rescue "creates" the perfect Rescue Slide victims.

The price is for a standard Rescue Slide for manhole of  20-24``.

Items not included for to make a full customizable tank access set:

Please take contact with us in order to get the right price for the components and dimensions you need. 

Custom design is also possible. post@hoydebutikken.no

Høyde AS is the official distributor for Honor Safety & Consultancy in Norway.

Eksl mva: kr 24 083,20 Inkl mva kr 30 104,00
Pris fra: kr 24,083.20 / 30,104.00 Leveringstid 2 - 3 uker


Simply enter tanks and other confined spaces

The difficult entry and rescue by horizontal manholes thing of the past with the RescueSlide® HONOR! These specially designed rescue slide is simply clamped to the flange and makes it easy to enter tanks and the like.


Can be quickly saved from tanks and other confined spaces

In emergency people can properly and quickly rescued from the confined space. The ergonomic design of the slide prevents a user or a victim suffering injury here. The HONOR Rescue Slide can be used independently and in combination with a flange clamp anchor fall arrest device and with integrated redfunctie.


Rescue Slide (rescue slide) and Hang Ladder-system

Hang The ladder is made up of 1 meter lengths, which are hinged to the slide and Rescue each other. For example, this system can easily be introduced from the outer side manhole in the vessel and after the termination operations removed again!

Features Rescue Slide

  • Manhole-diameters: 
    Standard Rescue Slide-execution: 500 mm (20 ") and 600 mm (24") 
    On the customer's wishes: other diameters, shapes, lengths and the like tubelure-
  • Negligible decrease manhole-throughput
  • Mounting by clamps ( "frogs") on mangatflens
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aluminum (powder coated to any RAL color on request)
  • Modular and to complete system can be assembled with: 
    HONOR anchor points: FlensKlem®, tripod, davit and TwinSleeve® TankKlem®, 
    STAR series fall arrest blocks and emergency equipment;

Features Rescue Slide

  • Minimum obstacle to the manhole
  • Ergonomic design
  • Entirely made of aluminum, is clamped on the flange
  • Fits for virtually all types / sizes of flanges
  • Together with the Honor Tank Terminal and Honor fall arrest with redfunctie Rescue Slide is the perfect set to rescue people in case of an emergency of a horizontal manhole

Technical specifications

Rescue Slide / Rescue Slide

  • Rescue Slide
  • Standard Rescue Slide-execution: 
    500 mm (20 ") and 600 mm (24")
  • Tubelure Maximum-Length: 250 mm
  • Includes screw clamps (hand 2x)
  • Aluminum (powder coated to any RAL color on request)
  • Weight 18kg
  • Other embodiments and dimensions on customer requirements


Not applicable (no PBM)

Ordering information

Art. No .: R010.210.200 (Rescue Slide) 
Art. No .: R301.001.001 (Hang-ladder, aluminum, section length = 1 m) 
Art. No .: R301.001.002 (Schamelaanhangwagen, aluminum, hinged Rescue Slide-A-Ladder Hang compound)