Honor Safety STAR®-series type FAB (Fall Arrest Blocks - SRL) - Galvanisert wire fallblokk 15 meter

Honor Safety STAR®-series type FAB (Fall Arrest Blocks - SRL) - Galvanisert wire fallblokk 15 meter

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STAR-series devices, patented and recognized design

HONOR Safety & Consultancy offers a complete range of 17 different devices for fall protection, rescue, descent, evacuation, people winches, climbing wall and appliances vallast security under the brand STAR series. 
These devices developed in-house set a new standard in terms of personal safety.

Self Retracting Lifeline

SRL is the abbreviation for "Self Retracting Lifeline", the English name for lifeline; a fall arrest device which automatically turns off and the lifeline roll your with the movements of the user. It thus provides optimal mobility with the certainty that there might occur a fall, the device intervenes directly, fall arrest and the user within a very short distance brings to a halt.

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Eksl mva: kr 7 023,50 Inkl mva kr 8 779,37
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The retractable lifeline FAB15 provides up to 15 meters freedom of movement in the vertical plane, and restrict the falling distance (= braking distance), and fall arrest forces to a minimum.

Features retractable lifeline FAB15 max. 15 m (SRL)

  • STAR-series proprietary and modular device design;
  • Up to 15 meter cable length;
  • Retractable lifeline;
  • Reduces braking distance (vertical movement! Obstacles) to an absolute minimum;
  • Maximum mass (weight users + tools, etc.) = 150 kg
  • Modular all HONOR anchor points as: HONORope® systems, tripod, davit TwinSleeve®, FlensKlem® and TankKlem®;

Technical specifications 

FAB15 G & -S

  • Modular quick response fall arrest
  • Minimum fall distance (braking)
  • Very low occurring falling forces
  • Applied Materials: Unit Home & modules: lightweight, robust aluminum - powder-coated 
  • Internal parts: stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Cable: 5mm galvanized or stainless steel
  • Carabiner features' Service Indicator (not resettable)
  • swivel eyelet
  • Cable length: max. 15 m
  • Admitted mass: max. 150 kg
  • Operating temperature: -40 ° C min - max 55 ° C.
  • Weight 9.6 kg
  • Ergonomic design - handle available
  • STAR-series industrial design