KONG Hammock Sitteplate

KONG Hammock Sitteplate

Eksl mva: kr 2 163,84 Inkl mva kr 2 704,80

Seat for prolonged suspension, characterized by an innovative design.

The removable aluminum frame guarantees maximum lightness and reduced dimensions.

Eksl mva: kr 2 163,84 Inkl mva kr 2 704,80
Pris fra: kr 2,163.84 / 2,704.80 Leveringstid 1-2 uker


The seat is made with a weave of tapes and fits perfectly to the body. This results in incredible ergonomics and a high level of breathability.

When disassembled and stored in its bag, the Hammock takes up very little space.

Warning: it is not a PPE, to be used always in combination with an harness.

Connectors not included.

Video of this revolucionary seat:

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