NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard

NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard

Eksl mva: kr 354,45 Inkl mva kr 443,06
Double action locking carabiner (Twistlock) can be easily released with one hand even when wearing gloves
Coated nylon webbing is tough but flexible reducing stretch resistance
Dimensions: 80cm (relaxed) - 130cm (extended) x 25mm
Load Rated, and Third Party certified with a 2:1 safety factor
Unique serial numbering for identification and tracking
CE Marked
Max Load: 18KG
Eksl mva: kr 354,45 Inkl mva kr 443,06
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The Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard is very adaptable and can be used with all hand tools and power tools weighing up to 18KG.

The twist lock double action carabiner ensures that there can be no accidental release when in use.

The versatility of the bungee tool lanyard means that it has an application in every major industry including Oil + Gas, Construction, Utilities and Nuclear especially for tethering heavier tools.

The lanyard is made from a hard wearing webbing that ensures that it is suitable for the harshest environments.

The loop end of the lanyard, made from Dyneema, connects directly to a tether point on a tool, through a captive handle or manufactured eye on any tool.

This tool lanyard is perfect for larger tools such as impact wrenches, cordless power tools, mag drills, slogging wrenches and grinders.

The length of the lanyard means that it can be used off a fixed anchor point and still allow for free movement.


  • Automatic Twistlock carabiner for superior performance and security
  • Extra high strength webbing delivers ultimate peace of mind
  • Heavy duty wear protector sleeve provides an additional layer of structural protection
  • Powerful cinching loop constructed from the world’s strongest fibre, Dyneema®
  • Faster visual inspections with heavy-duty contrast stitching
  • Clever contrast wear indicators ensure early warning of any structural damage
  • Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
  • CE marked
  • Dynamic load tested and third party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Dimensions: 80cm (Relaxed) – 130cm (Extended)
  • Max Load: 18KG (39.6lbs)